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Recruitment Process

Requirements of a company are received by HR for campus recruitment. The same is formulized by initiating a meeting of the recruitment committee. The committee approves the campus placement and a circular is sent to department heads and students about the recruitment. The department shortlists the candidates and send the same to the Team. The list of students will be forwarded to the corporate and displayed on the Placement notice board as well.

1. Eligibility:

  • Students enrolled in the final year are eligible to participate in the placement drives scheduled within the respective semester only. 
  • Students must understand that Companies have their own cut off CGPA and are very stringent regarding the same, the Placement Team cannot interfere in this matter.
  • Students can attend the placements according to the eligibility criteria as per Company Rule.
  • Students are permitted to attend the interview (and must maximize their efforts to secure placements) till they are selected by the companies

Eligible students looking to avail of Campus placement facility may register in this manner:

  1. Registration for placement through Google Form Link. 
  2. Communication: The student will be added in the placement list, using the email address (Gmail preferred) registered with the Student Affairs. Important notices will be emailed to this group. It is the student’s responsibility to be alert and up-to-date with such announcements, by checking email on a daily basis and respond in person or as appropriate, within the stipulated time.
  3. Resumes: Students are required to submit genuine resumes in approved format (hard copy and soft copy). If inconsistencies are found in any resumes, the student (who submits such a resume) will be barred from Placement process. Resumes are required to be updated as necessary, based on the job descriptions and recruiting company.
  4. Sign up: When a Company sends an intimation of its intention to conduct a placement drive at the University, this is conveyed to the students by email, along with any details. An online sign- up form also follows by email which must be completed within stipulate time. Students are advised to research the Company and consult parents before signing-up. Once signed up for interviewing with the Company, the list of candidates is forwarded to the Company which then makes its decision to conduct the Campus or not. Thus it is expected that the candidate who signed up, shows up for the interview.

Dress code and Discipline: Students are required to attend placement drive in Uniform (stipulated business suit or if required by the Company, a sari) and following grooming standards mentioned in the Prospectus.

On-campus/Off-campus Interview: Students, who have signed up for a company’s placement drive, are required to attend both, pre-placement talks and all rounds of the selection process. They are required to arrive at the venue where selection process is held at least 30 minutes early. Students are required to stay in the Institute/​premises where the selection process is being held from the start through to the end. 

Debarment grounds: A student may be debarred from Placement Process: 

  • If late/​absent for either pre-placement talk or selection process of a company. 
  • If poorly groomed, not in formals or involved in acts of indiscipline or malpractice,
  • If found to have submitted wrong data/​information.
  • If student abandons selection process after being shortlisted for further rounds. 
  • If any kind of misbehavior/​complaints is reported by the company officials/​faculty member/​staff/​volunteers.

Ineligible from the placement activity. Students will be considered ineligible for placement activities if any of the below mentioned is true: 

  • Students who fail to achieve 100% attendance target in pre placement training 
  • Student registers to attend a company’s interview and on the day of interview doesn’t turn up 
  • Student attends 5 interviews of his/​her choice and still fails to get the offer. 
  • If there is a misbehavior / indiscipline on the part of the student during the interview process 
  • Ineligible student will be placed only after all the students are placed. Debarred students will be considered for placement again based on their improved performance and meeting the other criteria’s as approved by the recruitment committee. 

Job Offer/​Appointment Letters:

  1. Students should not contact the HR directly any circumstance. They need to contact the Placement Team in case they have any query.
  2. Selected students would receive a letter of intent/​job offer letter informing them of their selection sometime directly from the HR or through the Placement Team.
  3. In case the student gets the offer letter directly then he /​she must forward the same to the Placement Team for future record. 
  4. Students are required to respond to the job offer, as required by the Company. Students who have been selected by the companies are required to respond to offer letter. They must accept only one offer and decline all the rest thereafter.
  5. Once a student declines an offer after receiving the Offer Letter, he/​she will be removed from all the future Campus Placement Processes.

Recruitment Process: