VIBES… Directorate of Student Affairs Quarterly Newsletter

The thought, to come out with a Newsletter that will provide a snapshot of the various activities of the Directorate and at the same time will act as a communication medium among the students, was nurtured in our hearts for quite a long time. One fine day, the Muse sat on our shoulder and fingers started to type and we came out with the maiden issue of Vibes… Since then it has become a worthwhile experience. 

As you turn the pages of these issues, we hope you will be thrilled to see the range of activities conducted by the Directorate of Student Affairs. We would be glad to receive your feedback and suggestions to improve our next issues. 

Happy Reading !


Volume 3 Issue4 Oct-Dec

Volume 3 Issue3 July-Sept

Volume 3 Issue2 April-June

Volume 3 Issue1 Jan-March


Volume 2 Issue 4 Oct-Dec

Volume 2 Issue 3 July-Sept

Volume 2 Issue 2 Apr-June

Volume 2 Issue 1 Jan-March 


Volume 1 Issue1 Oct-Dec